Anunț selecție experți

Data publicării: 15/05/2013

Anunț selecție experți

Data publicării: 02/05/2013


Infiintarea unui Centru Pilot pentru dezvoltarea invatarii pe tot parcursul vietii


Data publicării: 25/01/2013

Vă rugăm să parcurgeți documentația anexată. Menționăm faptul că perioada de depunere a dosarelor este! de 2 săptămani, adică până pe 8 februarie 2013. Dosarele vor fi transmise prin Poștă sau depuse la adresa: UIPFFS-MEN, strada Maria Rosetti, nr. 49A, sector 2, București, proiect ID 30074, în atenția managerului de proiect Simona Tănase.

Documente anexate: Scrisoare de intenție, Metodologie evaluare.

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Evidence Informed Policy and Practice in Education in Europe

  Data publicării: 16/01/2012  
EIPPEE is a two-year project (March 2011 – Spring 2013) that aims to increase the influence and use of research in educational policy and practitioner decision-making across Europe. It is funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture under the Lifelong Learning: 2020 strategy (Agreement number EAC-2010-1395) with additional support from the Institute of Education, University of London. EIPPEE is a collaborative project involving 35 partners from 23 different countries across Europe, and a further seven organisations from four countries outside Europe that have joined the project as international affiliates. It is led by a central team based at the EPPI-Centre, Institute of Education.
The broad aims of the Evidence Informed Policy and Practice in Education in Europe (EIPPEE) project are to develop capacity in the field of evidence informed policy and practice (EIPP) in Europe and to encourage and maintain interest, action and commitment to this topic throughout and beyond the project. The project will:
  • Build a broad-based, multi-level, international network that facilitates engagement between evidence producers and users.
  • Improve access and availability of research evidence
  • Support those doing research to produce clear, relevant research that is of good quality
  • Develop capacity amongst researchers, policy-makers and practitioners across Europe to find, understand and use evidence more effectively in their daily tasks.
As part of this project, we are offering a number of free opportunities including 40 free places on a choice of training courses, an evidence informed consultancy service for policy-makers, practitioners and managers and, a European search portal among others. The deadline for registering for one of these courses: ‘Participative Research and Policy’ is fast approaching. The online version of this course starts 18 January 2012 and participants need to register before this date. For further information about this and the other courses we are offering, please see our website: The first EIPPEE conference will be held in The Hague, Netherlands on 9-10 May 2012. The programme for this conference will be available soon on our project website: If you would like to receive news about the EIPPEE project and forthcoming events and opportunities, please register to become a member of the EIPPEE Network at this link. Further information about all of these things and much more can be found at: